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Jazmine, 13 year-old Jack Russell

Lara, 10 year-old Border Collie

Jazmine is our beautiful Jack Russell. I have had her from three months old after she was given as a present to someone I knew but who didn't want her. She is now aged 13 and was definitely showing signs of joint fatigue, not wanting to walk very far and not interested in playing very much.

Since she has been taking jointMobility we have resumed longer walks and she sprints across the grass like a pup. She loves to be outside. She is also up for playing whenever we pick up one of her toys and has even started doing her trademark backflips again to catch a ball.

Jazmine is not a typical Jack Russell, she loves other animals and has previously found and allowed me to rescue a tangled up baby bluetit and a trapped shrew. She'll happily snuggle up with a cat and she used to run free with her big brother and our ten rabbits in the garden.

Jan B.

Lara, 10 year-old Border Collie

Lara, 10 year-old Border Collie

Lara is a Border Collie rescue dog who came to us when she was 12 weeks old. She had been given to an old lady as a mothers day gift but was unwanted and the lady did not know how to look after her.

After some ten years of active life Lara began to slow down to the point she was hardly walking at all. After a visit to our Vet and being fully x-rayed she was diagnosed with both elbow and hip dysplasia along with spondylitis and arthritis. Thankfully after starting jointMobility Lara has returned to her normal self and is enjoying her life again. She is also ecstatic to have a new collie pup to care for.

Lara lives with Taz, a 9-year-old who competes in Obedience and some agility. Taz also takes jointMobility to avoid or slow down any arthritis. It helps keep him agile and supple.

Julie J.

Missy, 11 year-old Staffy

Missy, 11 year-old staffy

Missy is an 11 year-old staffy that we have had from a puppy. She developed a limp and was really slow, limping a lot. This went on and off for months.

Then we found jointMobility on their web site, so tried them and what a difference after just one week! It's transformed her life, we do between 6 to 7 miles every day and Missy loves it. There still is an odd day when she limps a bit but it doesn't last very long, the transformation is amazing. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Dave M.

Cracker, 10 year-old English Springer Spaniel

Cracker, 10 year-old English Springer Spaniel

I bought Cracker as an eight-week old puppy from a registered breeder. Cracker has had joint issues for most of his life. He’s now 10 and was really quite limited in his movement before I moved to jointMobility. Whilst he will always have some stiffness due to several operations in his early years, he moves pretty well and has a renewed zest for his walks, which he found difficult before.

He is more comfortable but also more confident that he can now move more easily. This has helped me judge how much exercise to give him to ensure he keeps fit and maintains his weight. I am much happier that Cracker will be around for a while longer yet, as about a year ago he was a pretty sore sorry thing which saddened me greatly.

Mandy C.

Ross, 15 year-old Staffy-Boxer cross

Ross, 15 year-old Staffy-Boxer cross

Ross was a 12 months old rescue. We picked him up 2 hours before he was due to be put to sleep. After many years of active life Ross developed arthritis. His arthritis was getting worse, even though he was and still is on Metacam. The jointMobility has made his movements more fluid and hasn't affected his tummy, unlike other medications we've tried.

Thanks to jointMobility, Ross still loves his walks although they are relatively short now as he's getting on a bit. He's 15 now ????. He loves to play with (blowing) bubbles and he's able to play for longer than he used to. Ross also loves meeting people and never happier than when he's having his belly scratched!

Linda C.

Tarka, 14 year-old Chocolate Labrador

Tarka, 14 year-old Chocolate Labrador

We have a chocolate Labrador named Tarka. We were fortunate enough to find her aged around 3 months old in an RSPCA rescue centre. She had been rescued along with her siblings from a puppy farm and was skin and bone. We fell in love instantly. She grew to be a very energetic, healthy dog. She has travelled the country with us loving life and walks. She is the most gentle and tolerant dog ever, which has been put to the test with 4 young boys!

Tarka started slowing down when she was about 10 and really acting like an older dog, lying around and getting stiffer. We then got a Sprocker puppy who worked wonders and brought Tarka back to life again.

However, a few years later she had a fall and hurt her shoulder. I took her to the vets and was told that she had the start of arthritis in some of her joints. We started her on natural supplements then which seemed to help the stiffness but the shoulder continued to cause a bit of a limp.

About a year ago the vet said she needed daily pain killers and anti-inflammatories. We weren’t happy to give strong medication every day, especially as she seemed so happy and relaxed. She has a gentle walk to school and back and spends the rest of the day happily in bed or in the garden.

At that point we started jointMobility tablets which we feel are a better solution than medication. They have certainly eased her joints. She can get out of bed without being too stiff. She still walks with a slight limp on the shoulder but she is now 14 and a half! So we think she is doing amazingly for her age and she even breaks into a little gallop on a walk when she gets excited! She loves to snuggle up with her best friend. She has a good life and we feel confident that we are doing the best thing for her.

Rebecca A.

Ryu, 7 year-old Shetland Sheepdog

Ryu, 7 year-old Shetland Sheepdog

We got Ryu from a kennel in Singapore in 2013 (as we lived there at the time). He was 5 months old and very active and playful.

A few years later he started having joint problems due to his heavyweight. We started him on a diet, but he didn't lose weight very quickly. We moved to the UK in 2017 and his problems got worse. At first, he was wobbling after long walks and limping every time after he woke up and got up (which got better after walking around for a while). Soon, he couldn't go on normal walks, and soon afterwards, he couldn't even do short walks without limping. That was when we discovered these joint supplements and got him started on it.

After a few months, we started seeing visible changes in him. He could now go on walks without too much of a problem. He's been on jointMobility for over a year now and he goes on very long walks with the rest of us (my husband, I and our other two dogs). He seems much lighter on his feet and he is much happier. His life quality has definitely improved and we get to share our walks and life together, without limits. He has also lost weight and is at his ideal weight now. He is a bit lazy sometimes, but I think that's just mental and not physical!

Fatma S.

Lexie, 11 year-old

Lexie, 11 year-old

Lexie was rescued from a fire in a flat above a shop, spotted by an onlooker in the window who alerted a firefighter, who went to save her, brave man. She was found to have such overgrown nails she could barely walk so had to be carried out, and she is no lightweight!

Her owner was hospitalised, their family couldn't take her so she was signed over to the P.D.I.N. (Pendle dogs in need, a small local shelter). Due to her being fearful of anything and everything; totally unsocialised and passive-aggressive; having recently weaned pups (undercarriage down to her knees) and obvious signs of ill-treatment, she needed an experienced home. Having just lost our beloved Tara (mastiff mix) to stomach cancer, we were able to give her one.

I have rescued and rehomed numerous animals in my 76 years, it has taken a lot of time and understanding to help Lexie but she is getting there. She didn't understand walking on a leash so living in a circa 300 yr old farmhouse we had an old turn out paddock made dog-proof, and she loves the freedom. Lexie still can't grasp fetch!

Lexie's main medical problem is arthritis in her wrists and stretched carpal ligaments due to her overgrown nails forcing her to walk on the back of her paw's, we have got her some special support boots which help, but what really did the trick was putting her on to jointMobility, we had tried other more expensive supplements without much improvement, I believe it is the inclusion of curcumin complex that does the job.

I highly recommend jointMobility; it has given Lexie a new lease of life, she happily chases after any of the abundant wildlife that dares to enter her paddock domain, she has not caught anything yet!

Pat F.